Gelonghui May 27 δΈ¨ Dehong Shares (603701)(603701aaagamescrypto.SH) said on the investor interaction platformaaagamescryptoThe essence of a virtual power plant is a kind of intelligent energy (600869) system that integrates resources such as adjustable loads, energy storage sides and power supply sides in different spaces through information and communication technology and software systems, realizes independent coordination and optimization control, and participates in power system operation and power market transactions. As one of the strategic development directions, the company is currently vigorously developing and promoting energy storage business, including portable energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, etc. In the future, the company will also actively study or consider participating in energy storage derivative related businesses based on its own development and market opportunities.

aaagamescrypto| Dehong Shares (603701.SH): Actively research or consider participating in energy storage derivatives related business