May 27minirouletteonline, the concept of offshore equipment rose intraday. As of 14:53, the overall index of offshore equipment concept rose by 1.minirouletteonline.01%, reported at 1779minirouletteonline.960 points.

In terms of individual stocks, among the components of this concept, Jindun shares rose 6.41%, and Dongfang Cable rose more than 5%.

In terms of funds, as of press time, the net inflow of the main force of the offshore equipment concept was 109 million yuan, of which Zhongtian Technology (rights protection) was popular with funds, with a net inflow of 137 million yuan.minirouletteonline; Looking at the extended timeline, the net inflow of main funds in the sector in the past 20 days was-7.889 billion yuan.

minirouletteonline| The concept of offshore equipment rose intraday, and Jindun shares rose 6.41%

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