IT Home May 27 NewsloveyourbingoToday, Huang Yongqiang, general manager of GAC Passenger Vehicles, exposed the concept map of the first model of Trumpchi and Huawei's joint innovation plan on social media. The new car will be launched and delivered in the first quarter of 2025.

From the picture, this new car adoptsloveyourbingoA new design style has been introduced. The front face adopts an enclosed grille. GAC Trumpchi's logo is integrated with a through-type light band. The overall streamline of the body is very smooth and it is expected to have a good drag coefficient.

According to previous news, the two parties will cooperate on three models, namely large luxury flagship MPV, large luxury flagship SUV, and large luxury flagship sedan. The first model will be launched and delivered in the first quarter of 2025. The concept map exposed this time is consistent with the previously announced sketch of the "new large luxury flagship sedan".

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, GAC Chuanqi announced that it has launched a joint innovation plan with Huawei, which will launch ADS3 equipped with Huawei's smart driving system Gankun (IT Home Note pronunciation: qián kūn)loveyourbingo.0 and the new generation Hongmeng cockpit. Huang Yongqiang confirmed this again in today's warm-up video and revealed that he was in a meeting with Huawei staff.

Regarding more news about the cooperation between GAC Trumpchi and Huawei on new cars, IT Home will continue to pay attention and bring follow-up reports.

loveyourbingo| GAC Trumpchi and Huawei jointly innovated the first model concept map exposed and will be launched in the first quarter of next year

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